Waking up slowly...

The word hibernate is derived from the Latin hibernate which means “winter quarters.”
When we are referring to a plant or an animal, it describes a dormant period of time during the winter months. For us humans, it describes a period of inactivity or perhaps a time when we withdraw and remain indoors.

Our blog has been in a state of hibernation because the person writing it, yours truly, has found herself in a state of withdrawal, rest, contemplation. I have looked out on the wintry weather for months now. Gazing at the snow accumulating on my deck, I wonder how much more weight it can bear,

Individuals living with disabilities similarly wonder how much weight they can bear. Perhaps I speak only for myself, yet on good weather days, the outside can be unwelcoming and frightening. There are barriers everywhere. Some obstacles are physical and readily apparent, others are mental/emotional and hidden from public view. Then, if we add cold, slippery ice, blinding wind, heavy straitjacket like coats and other constrictive outerwear, I choose to remain inside. This adds to a feeling of isolation period.

Therefore, it is important to send a message in the proverbial bottle to friends, family, neighbors – if you do not hear from me or see me, PLEASE reach out to me. If I don’t respond the first time, reach out again. I am not playing hard to get. It’s just that at times such as these it is difficult for me to reach myself. So I am asking for company in breaking the shell of isolation. Bring in some takeout food, how about a movie on my new humongous TV (I love Netflix), a game of charades, Trivial Pursuit or Pictionary?
Thanks, I’ll be expecting a call or visit soon because I am ready to come out of hibernation.


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