9/11/13…12 years later

On September 11, 2001, we lost many innocent lives. We lost our innocence as a nation. Vulnerabilities were exposed. Fears surfaced through still waters on a crystal clear September day.
We still remember, in fact, we will never forget.
In memory of that day, I share a poem I wrote shortly after:

The fragility of our lives has surfaced.
There is no escaping it.
No easy way to avoid the images of shattered glass, seas of ash,
or anguished faces of men, women and children
searching for a loved one
who will never come home.

Fragile, breakable, transient.
It seems to me that the impermanence of life
would force us to never wander further than an arms-length
from the people we most love and cherish.
The words I have heard so many times before
Echo in my head…

“Never go to bed angry”
“Always say goodbye with a hug and a kiss”
How many people will always regret
not having done so
on the night of 9/10/01
or on the morning of 9/11/01

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